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Sight+Sound Gallery is elated to have Finland based Amphion available for customers. Since 1988 Amphion has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers focused on absolute studio quality providing the beautiful experience of pure natural sound in their own homes, at any time without unreasonable financial sacrifices. Amphion focuses on three things; perfect nearfield performance in studio or your computer, wide and even listening area for enjoying a music concert or a movie with friends and Multiroom-filing live-like sound to be enjoyed in the background.

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Amphion Argon 0 Amphion Argon 0
Our Price: $1,180.00
Amphion Argon 1 Amphion Argon 1
Our Price: $1,690.00
Amphion Argon 3S Amphion Argon 3S
Our Price: $2,790.00
Amphion Argon 5C Amphion Argon 5C
Our Price: $1,560.00
Amphion Argon 7L Amphion Argon 7L
Our Price: $5,210.00
Amphion Helium 410 Amphion Helium 410
Our Price: $780.00
Helium 510 Amphion Helium 510
Our Price: $1,170.00
Helium 520C Amphion Helium 520C
Our Price: $970.00
Amphion Ion+ Amphion Ion+
Our Price: $1,290.00
Amphion Krypton3 Amphion Krypton3
Our Price: $19,500.00
Amphion Argon 3LS Amphion Argon 3LS
Our Price: $3,790.00