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T+A Criterion TCD 110 S
T+A Criterion TCD 110 S

List Price: $14,000.00
Our Price: $14,000.00
Collection/Series CRITERION TCD

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The TCD 110 S is the flagship of the new CRITERION series, and reflects in an exemplary manner the basic principles behind the three floor-standing loudspeakers of the new TCD series. Each model features two special bass drivers, two mid-range units in the D�Appolito arrangement, and a completely new kind of super-quality dome tweeter with waveguide (sound director). The drivers employed are based on those fitted to our SOLITAIRE� high-end speakers. The only differences between the three floor-standers are their physical cabinet dimensions and the size of the drive units employed.

The TCD 110 S is a large, fully developed, floor-standing transmission-line speaker with a very long line. The two 26 cm bass units are perfectly matched to the cabinet and the resonance frequency of the transmission line, and generate an incredibly deep, precise, high-pressure bass thanks to their extremely low natural resonance. The loudspeaker�s transient response is superb even at extreme levels; it also has a wide dynamic range and is devoid of distortion. This is due to the refined design of the system as a whole: hard, embossed cones, aluminium baskets with narrow struts and very high excursion capability, ultra-powerful magnets and large, high-performance coils. These drive units are also fitted to our high-end SOLITAIRE� CWT 2000 loudspeaker!

Two 17 cm mid-range units and the waveguide high-frequency dome form an acoustic unit which we have designated CD = Constant Directivity. The mid-range units are ingenious designs which effortlessly cover the full vocal range from 200 to 2000 Hz, while their dynamic, lively nature creates an amazingly natural sound. The same units are also fitted to the SOLITAIRE� CWT 2000. The use of two mid-range drivers helps to optimise the speaker�s radiation characteristics, as well as dramatically increasing their ability to handle high levels, because the excursions required for each individual driver are halved. The woven dome handles even the most severe dynamic peaks in a swift, airy manner without any trace of hardness or sharpness. On the one hand the large waveguide perfectly links the unit�s radiation characteristics to those of the mid-range drivers, and at the same time causes a timing delay in the tweeter response, providing a further improvement in transitional behaviour.

The sophisticated double-sided three-way crossover unit (FSR) is a no-compromise design, assembled using the finest close-tolerance components for minimal losses. The circuits are optimised for best possible transient and frequency response, and effortlessly process even the highest signal levels, ensuring that the three frequency ranges are matched perfectly to the drive units. This component plays a crucial role in the superb imaging and radiation qualities of the system as a whole.
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