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T+A Criterion TCD 210 S
T+A Criterion TCD 210 S

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Our Price: $11,500.00
Collection/Series CRITERION TCD

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The TCD 210 S is a no-compromise floor-standing transmission-line speaker fitted with a very long transmission line. Two massive 22 cm bass units with low natural resonance are accurately tuned to this line, and their extremely hard, embossed cones generate unbelievably low, accurate bass at very high pressure. The same drive units are also employed in our High-End SOLITAIRE� CWT 500 speaker!The pair of 17 cm mid-range units and the Waveguide  dometweeter form an acoustic unit which we have designated CD = Constant Directivity. The mid-range units are ingenious designs which effortlessly cover the full vocal range from 200 to 2000 Hz, and their dynamic, lively nature creates an amazingly natural sound.
The use of two mid-range drivers helps to optimise the speakers' radiation characteristics as well as dramatically increasing their ability to handle high levels, because the excursions and power handling required of each individual driver are halved. The woven dome handles even the most severe dynamic peaks in a fast, airy manner, without any trace of hardness or sharpness. On the one hand the large Waveguide perfectly matches the unit's radiation characteristics to those of the mid-range drivers; at the same time the rear-mounted coil causes a timing delay in the tweeter response, matching the midrange units for  a further improvement in phase response of the speaker.The sophisticated double-sided three-way crossover unit (FSR) is assembled using the best available components. Accurately calculated, optimised for best transient and frequency response, the circuit effortlessly processes even the highest signal levels, and ensures that the three frequency ranges are matched perfectly to the drive units. This crossover plays a crucial role in the superb imaging and radiation qualities of the entire system.
The transmission line principle offers major advances compared with bass reflex cabinets, but requires very great sophistication if a very low frequency is to be achieved. This is accomplished by building a long sound guide (the transmission line) into the cabinets, and fitting bass drivers with extreme characteristics: very low free air resonance, capable of large cone excursions, fitted with extremely powerful magnets, and capable of coping with severe loads.
The mid-range drivers are real power-packs with dynamic characteristics which are usually the preserve of PA (public address) equipment. We have equipped them with our unique GREYCONE� cones, which consist of air-dried wood fibres and graphite particles, producing an extremely stable, highly damped, amorphous material which eliminates any systematic propagation of structure borne sound in the cone.
To prevent any form of resonance and break-up in the extremely critical mid-range area, the cone incorporates carefully defined slots which are sealed with a special adhesive; this not only stiffens the cone, but also prevents all partial vibration. The low-profile surround provides good damping, guarantees accurate excursion characteristics and prevents reflections. A carefully optimised phase plug made of machined aluminium ensures excellent radiation characteristics in the upper frequency range. This unique drive unit endows the entire vocal range with an incredibly musical and pleasant character.
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