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T+A K8 7.1 BluRay HD Receiver
T+A K8 7.1 BluRay HD Receiver

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The K8 is certainly one of the most complex devices we have developed and produced to date. It is an extremely modern 7.1 BluRay HD receiver equipped with the finest technologies available today, and designed to form the high-performance command centre of a sophisticated home cinema surround system. At the same time the K8 is extremely versatile: it satisfies all the needs of the keen, demanding home cinema enthusiast with its 7.1 facilities and excellent BluRay playback, but is also an excellent choice for those of us for whom 5.1 or 3.1 loudspeaker set-ups are adequate; it even includes high-quality stereo modes to cater for fans of pure two-channel reproduction. Since the K8 is equipped with seven power amplifiers, each generating a continuous power of more than 150 Watts, and features a control system of highly intelligent design, it can provide stereo sound in up to three adjacent rooms, each with independent volume control - depending on the selected mode of operation. We took a deliberate decision to install very powerful power amplifiers offering superb sound quality, together with a high-performance analogue mains power supply. The result is that the exacting music and video enthusiast can safely connect large, power-hungry loudspeakers to the system, which has no difficulty in providing sound in large rooms. Many BluRay discs are demanding in terms of dynamic range and levels, and the K8 also fulfils these requirements effortlessly.

The controls in the classic T+A style make the K8 dead easy and intuitive to operate, despite its multitude of functions. All essential functions are directly accessed on the device. The FM100 premium system remote control is very neatly structured and colour-coded. Its function blocks are distinctly separated with a clearly readable lettering. Beyond the normal operation, the FM100 allows to use additional functions and text entries.
Basic adjustments like loudspeaker levelling, balance, tone controls and the selection of the surround sound matrix are made via simple menus on the remote. It is even more comfortable using our FD 100 bi-directional radio remote control handset with screen, the optinal Gateway (radio receive module) has to be installed in the machine. The generous high-definition graphic VFD display offers excellent readability even from a larger distance and also shows the data and information context-sensitive in different font sizes. It can be gradually dimmed.
Concerning A/V devices, we at T+A also attach great importance to great sound, which is why we use a high-grade BluRay drive of the latest generation with three lasers. It does not only deliver a superb picture with BluRay and DVD, but also a notably good CD reproduction. We use only first-class audiophile D/A converters by Burr-Brown, for the front channels (stereo) even in the balanced differential mode. All current Dolby and DTS HD formats are available and will be decoded by our highend audio board.The video board designed by T+A has an outstanding picture quality, for it uses a cutting-edge video processor from Genesis whose sophisticated scaler can upscale the video data from the analogue inputs and from DVDs to 1080p at the most. So you can also connect older source devices without HDMI output to the K8 and run them with ultimate quality via the HDMI 1.4a output. Thus all modern TV sets, beamers and panels can be fed in an optimal manner. For external video sources there are three HDMI inputs which transfer 3D formats as well. The front panel USB port is linked to the BluRay player and allows to enter and playback LPCM, MP3, photo, JPEG and movie data files or the use of a USB stick for BD-Life usage.The high-class headphone socket has been purposefully designed very upmarket for large jack plugs and has its own power amplifier. When used, the loudspeaker outputs will be turned off completely.

The comprehensive array of sockets indicates the enormous range of facilities provided by the K8 - it really is a command centre. Seven passive loudspeakers can be connected to the high-quality speaker terminals, which are made of gold-plated pure brass. As you would expect, an output for an active sub-woofer is available for the primary listening area. The K8 can be configured for various modes of operation, in which the loudspeaker outputs are used in different ways. The standard configuration is a 7.1 surround set-up for the main room. If this is not required, an alternative 5.1 configuration can be selected, in which case the BACK channel power amplifiers can be used to provide a stereo downmix signal in Zone 2 (adjacent room), with its own volume control. If the optional 3.1 configuration is chosen, i.e. if you just want to use main speakers, Centre and sub-woofer in the main room, then the surround channel power amplifiers can again be employed to provide sound in Zone 3. Permanent provision is made for a fourth Zone in the form of a RCA output, but this does require supplementary power amplifiers or active speakers, such as our CM Active.
RCA outputs are also provided for Zones 2 and 3 or the BACK and SURROUND channels. The volume can be set independently in the different rooms (or zones) if the supplied E 2000 receiver is connected to the RC socket for that zone, and installed in the adjacent room. A USB socket can be used as power supply for an audio radio transmission module.A further facility offered by the K8 is to use the BACK channel power amplifiers as supplementary bi-amping power amplifiers for the primary channel, or to switch the Zone 4 RCA outputs to the front channels. This requires a change to internal jumpers in the machine; this work must always be carried out by an authorised dealer.At top left on the back panel is the socket for the optional internal module and receive aerial for our FD100 bi-directional radio remote control handset. Adjacent to this are the analogue RCA output (for recording), three analogue RCA inputs (for various audio sources) and an analogue iPod input for audio and video playback. Below these sockets are the          E-Link socket, the RS 232 update port which doubles as control interface for Loewe, Metz and Crestron equipment, and an E 2000 IR receiver input. Next comes the FM aerial socket, which should be of high quality in order to make full use of the RDS FM tuner's good reception characteristics. The USB A1 socket is intended for an HDD (hard disc) or a USB stick, while USB A2 provides a digital iPod connection. Also present are a digital output, an optical digital input and two co-axial digital inputs catering for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz.
The K8 is equipped with a network switch which routes the machine's network and Internet connections, i.e. it links the streaming client and the BluRay mech-anism to the Internet or your network. The LAN 1 and 2 sockets are used for connecting external devices such as TV sets.The video section offers sophisticated connection facilities for three digital sources via HDMI, and a maximum of four analogue sources of various formats; these analogue sources can be upscaled to a resolution of 1080p. The video board and HDMI output corresponds to 1.4a specification, and features Audio Return Channel (ARC) and HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC).

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