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Collection/Series K - ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKER

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there are a number of physical facts which favour the active speaker type, provided that the design is sophisticated and refined:
Zero-loss, active cross-over units.
Accurate matching of the speaker units to the output stages and superb damping factor, ensuring optimum control of the drive units’ travel characteristics. Frequency response linearization, expanded bass range and perfect cone travel behaviour.
Compensated timing of the frequency band, optimum transient and phase characteristics.
No transmission losses due to loudspeaker cables.
Separate power amplifiers for bass, mid-range and treble for improved dynamics
Active equalization to compensate speaker position and room acoustic effects.
Active calibration facilities to suit the listening room and speaker positions.
No need for external output stages.
The new K-series of active loudspeakers consistently exploit all these theoretical advantages in favour of active speakers. The cross-over filters fitted to passive loudspeakers have to handle large currents, and these filters do not work in an ideal way due to internal resistance levels. Transients lose their attack, dynamic range is diminished and distortion develops. At the same time the drive units are not coupled directly to the power amplifiers, which means that external power amplifiers with superb damping factors will have more problems of controlling the units efficiently. This is not the case with genuine active loudspeakers, which are fitted with active cross-over circuits and separate, directly coupled power amplifiers for each driver. The active cross-over unit offers ideal characteristics: there are no losses, and the circuit's frequency response and phase characteristics are exactly as required and calculated. Active filters produce optimum results without losses. Unlike passive filters, they are not limited to simple networks; they can employ much more sophisticated, refined circuits which compensate for phase and frequency response errors inherent in the drive units.
Since the KS ACTIVE is fitted with four drive units, the speaker also features four identical, superb-sounding Class A/B output stages, of symmetrical push-pull design, which are directly coupled to the drive units. Each output stage generates a continuous power of 70 Watts, which means that 140 Watts are available for the bass range, and 70 Watts each for the mid-range and treble. Since the direct coupling incurs no losses, these figures represent enormous power; to produce a comparable performance with passive loudspeakers an amplifier with a rated output of at least 400 Watts would be required. The fully active loudspeaker design produces an incredibly clean, dynamic and consistently controlled sound image with amazing spatial qualities and fine resolution. The newly developed, high-quality drive units feature rigid, die-cast aluminium baskets; they can handle extremely high loads, and are perfectly matched to the cabinet with its multiple bracing and damping measures.
The active electronic unitforms a self-contained assembly which is mounted on the back panel of the loud-speaker cabinet. A metal plate carries the double-sided main circuit board bearing the XLR and Cinch (RCA) inputs, the mains power socket, the separate mains switch and the switches for position and room equalization. The KS ACTIVE switches itself on automatically when a music signal is present, or by a DC trigger voltage at the Cinch (RCA) socket (Caruso).Since the cabinet, as with all K-series loudspeakers, is made entirely of solid aluminium, the power amplifiers are cooled directly by the cabinet's large-area back panel.The overall design and connections of the KS ACTIVE make it ideal for use with our P 1260 R High-End pre-amplifier and the E-series MUSIC PLAYER. Even the small CARUSO is capable of driving the KS ACTIVE.

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